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Firm Name  Yokodai.JP

Yokodai.JP Inc.

Address : 2-21-15 Hino-chuo Konan-ku Yokohama, Japan (postal code 234-0053  )

Telephone : 045-832-2054 ( Japanese )

FAX :045-832-2218   ITU-T.30E Group3 ( Japanese )


We do not provide product support by phone.
Please contact us by e-mail.


We conduct the following business: (Yokohama/Tokyo/ Japan)
(1) Small size spot welder manufacturing and marketing
(2) LAN system construction
(3) Business software development and maintenance (MS-ACCESS、VB)

We posses the following skills:
(1) Digital-analog electronic instrument design and manufacture
(2) Software developing using Assembler, Visual Basic, C, Perl, MS-Access or other languages.
(3) PIC-based hardware - software developing

All our WEB page renewal and updated. April 3rd, 2010