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As it is written in the Product Manual and also in the package document, if the product is used under normal circumstances for personal use, our company guarantees the spot welder against failure for a year starting when the product arrives.
If the product is used for company or business use, in spite of what is written above, the warranty period will be reduced to two months.


If any malfunctions happen, please first e-mail our company. We will ask about the malfunctioning and provide the details about repair.

If repair is needed, please send the product to us using home-delivery service. The repair will be finished within three work days after the product arrives, and we will send it back.

During warranty period, the postage fee will be paid by our company; there will be no charges regarding any costs.

As for the postage fee paid to deliver the product to our company, we will replace it by sending on the same package Nickel plates HSW-N12 as many as the actual expenses.

After warranty period is over, or if it is an auction product, we will charge for the parts (actual cost), repair fee (a uniform fee of 6,000 Yen), and the return postage fee. After confirming by mail, we will collect the payment on delivery.

However, if the product is dismantled or altered, we will charge for the repair including the postage me, no matter whether it is still in the warranty period. In this case, we will restore the product back to the condition when it was shipped.


We did our best in selecting the parts used; however, this product does have a lifespan, just as every other electronic product has. We are currently testing continuously how long can it last, but we cannot confirm the lifespan under practical use. The reason why it is "PERSONAL SPOT WELDER" is because it is not to be used continuously as on business use.
We designed it to be used for personal use, as long as possible.

1 We experimented using the working environment described in the manual
( 1 ) Machined used and welding conditions :
HSW-01A and 02A's welding pen short-circuited to a copper plate, room temperature 25℃
( 2 ) Welding intervals : weld continuously every 15 seconds
( 3 ) Result :
Even after 10,000 times of welding, there is no change in the machine itself nor in the welding power.

Also, the product is using a lot of thyristors, diodes, transistors, ICs and other electrical parts. It is designed for personal use; it is designed to be able to function properly even in the case of short-circuiting the electrodes caused by user's negligence.


Spot welder is a resistance welder in which it runs electric current in the welding metals, and using the heat produced welds the metals together. Thus, during welding there is a possibility of getting an electric shock if the electrode is touched accidentally.
However, using HSW Series Spot Welder, the voltage applied to the electrodes reaches a maximum of 24 Volt, which is within the safety voltage across the world. Also, if used normally, the machine is designed so that user will not touch voltage-applied electrodes.
Since the usage voltage - even at maximum is 24 Volt, which is within the safety voltage, HSW Series Spot Welder guarantees the safety of the user even when accidentally touching the charged electrodes.
However, for those who have heart problems, and also for those who use wet hands when handling the electrodes, although it uses safety voltage, there is a considerable danger which may threatens one’s life. Please be careful not to touch the electrodes during welding.

In a proper welding, as long as the distance to the face is kept around 50 cm, then the sparks produced would not be so dangerous. However, on welding without enough pressure applied to the welding pen, or welding stainless or iron, sparks and small pieces might fly off. Please use safety eyewear to protect the eyes in these situations. REFERENCE VIDEO

In order to protect the skin from the sparks, please use safety gloves.
For clotheing, please wear clothes that is not made by nylon or any other chemical fibers; instead, wear clothes made of cotton or any materials which is hard to burn..
Also, during welding, other than sparks, metals will vaporize and very small dust called fumes will be produced. This fume might cause a disease called metal fume fever if it is inhaled too much. In the long term, it may cause fibrosis lungs. Therefore, in the work environment, keep away flammable things, and please provide enough ventilation.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY: click here for a video of the condition on welding stainless steel to iron materials.

A range of voltage which does not bring harm to the human body is called safety voltage. Depends on the skin, in Germany and England the safety voltage ranges below 24 Volt, while in Holland and Japan it is lower than 50 Volt.


During a lifespan test experiment of HSW-01/02, under 19 V of power voltage, 45℃ of machine's temperature, under the experiment procedures the control unit broke down after 500 times of welding.
From this result, if the product is used continuously, in order not to further increase the machine's temperature, please provide recess or manage the room's temperature.
Regarding the current model HSW-02A, it is equipped with cooling fan, and under 24 V of power voltage, the problem mentioned above did not occured; however please keep the room's temperature under 35℃.


Please send by e-mail the details on how you used our products complete with pictures.

We will send a set of Nickel plates HSW-N25 and HSW-N12 for any user introduced in our website. We have the right to edit the product report. If there is no request, your name and other personal information will not be displayed; only your name's initial and the place where you live will be displayed.

Protection of Personal Information PRIVACY POLICY

We do not share the user's personal information with other people or even with people inside the company except to provide user support. All the information meant for the user will provided on the web pages; thus our company will not send any e-mails or such.
Name, address, purchased product's serial number, and other personal information acquired during ordering will be saved for 5 years period starting from purchase date for warranty and repair.
Every two months the server will delete unneccessary information with a support computer unconnected tp the network.
The telephone number acquired during ordering will not be used for any purposes except for home-delivery service.