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Principle of Spot Welding

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Welding with Metals
e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Phospate Bronze

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 HSW Series Personal Spot Welder
(Video Introduction) [ WELDER PRICE ]

Power controller HSW-PC1 HSW-EB1 electrode
Safety Eyewear HSW-W2 tweezer electrode



About Electrical Safety

Spot welder is a resistance welder in which it runs electric current in the welding metals, and using the heat produced welds the metals together. Thus, during welding there is a possibility of getting an electric shock if the electrode is touched accidentally.

However, using HSW Series Spot Welder, the voltage applied to the electrodes reaches a maximum of 24 Volt, which is within the safety voltage across the world. Also, if used normally, the machine is designed so that user will not touch voltage-applied electrodes.

Since the usage voltage - even at maximum is 24 Volt, which is within the safety voltage, HSW Series Spot Welder guarantees the safety of the user even when accidentally touching the charged electrodes.

However, for those who have heart problems, and also for those who use wet hands when handling the electrodes, although it uses safety voltage, there is a considerable danger which may threatens one�fs life. Please be careful not to touch the electrodes during welding.

Welding Using Welding Pen
Welding pen is electrodes included in HSW Series Welder standard set. (RIGHT)
Since it is designed to be used by hands, it is not suitable for mass production, however it is flexible to be used under any welding situations.
welding buttery tub To weld battery tab, put both electrodes on the same side of the tab.
[ Case Example ]
�‚�p���� One of the electrode is touched and pushed towards the copper plate.
[ Case Example ]
HSW Series Spot Welder Operation Procedures
Rear view of HSW-02APower supply Connect the power supply to the main body.
Voltage indicator LEDPower indicator

will lit

LEFT Serie 02 RIGHT Serie 01

Trigger switch and LED
Pressing the trigger switch will electrify the electrodes for welding
Foot switch
Using foot switch, the trigger can be pushed with the foot, which increases the efficiency of the whole process.

Safety Eyewear

Always Wear Safety Eyewear

Welding small parts will eventually make the distance between the eyes and the parts very close.







Welding Using Stick Electrode
Stick electrode will expand your welding capability Using stick electrode will make the welding stronger and more stable.
[ Case Example ]



Welding UsingWelding Pinset
Tweezer Electrode

Tweezer Electrode will pinch the welding materials.

[ Case Example ]

About Safety Voltage

A range of voltage which does not bring harm to the human body is called safety voltage. Depends on the skin, in Germany and England the safety voltage ranges below 24 Volt, while in Holland and Japan it is lower than 50 Volt.

Welding Using Roller Electrode
Roller Electrode Seam welding for aluminum foil. etc