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Compact & Low Price!
Yokodai.JP's Personal Spot Welder

Are you still using a soldering iron for connecting batteries? As you know, secondary batteries have safety valves to release the gases. When abnormality occurs in the battery, there is a safety valve in order to let escape the gas. It also happens because of the heat from the soldering iron. Spot welding is possible to weld the lead wire to the batteries. But it very expencive for us. So that we mede it for ourself.

Now you can use our great, compact, and low price Yokodai.JP's Personal Spot Welder. And it is easy to use even if you are not a professional. Our personal spot welder is not only for joining the batteries, but it also works for stainless steel works.Now,you can weld the stainless steel wire easily



Model HSW-01A
HSW photo

With the power semiconductor and the optimization of the design, low price and the powerful personal spot welding machine actualized. Easy to weld the stainless steel wire , stainless steel sheet, Nickel strip for connecting batteries.

HSW-01A,is dessigned for Personal and Hobby use. Especially, in order to weld the stainless steel wire on your desk.


Advantages to buying your HSW-01A from Yokodai.JP

  • 1year limited warranty.



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HSW-02A is able to control pulse width from 60 micro S to 30ms. And welding Power is 4 times lager than HSW-01A.

Advantages to buying your HSW-02A from Yokodai.JP

  • 1year limited warranty.
  • Free Shipping on Orders over$600 (U.S and Canada only)


about this product


Blue LCD displays welding voltage ,welding pulse width ,welding mode and some status upper left.
From under left ,Power Switch, Mode Switch, .Voltage control knob, Pulse Width control knob.
Blue Ready LED / Red when welding, and red Trigger Switch on upper right.

  about these product
HSW-01A & family HSW-02A & family HSW-03 & family


Accessory : Standard Electrode, Foot Switch, Power Supply INCLUDEED


Accessory : Standard Electrode, Foot Switch ,Power Supply INCLUDEED


Accessory : Standard Electrode ,Foot Switch, Power Supply, Addutional Power Supply INCLUDEED

DC PowerSupply for HSW-01A
(included in HSW-01A)

Input voltage 100-120V 50/60Hz


DC Power Supply for HSW-02A
(included in HSW-02A)
Worldwide AC adapter :
Input100-240V 50/60Hz

Included Accessories for HSW-03
Accessories for HSW-03:
DC Power Supply etc.

Worldwide AC adapter :
Input100-240V 50/60Hz
Common Optional Parts for HSW spot welder

foot switch
HSW-F1N Foot switch

power controller
HSW-PC1 Power Controller

You can use HSW-01A/02A

Roller Electrode for seem welding

PSW-R2 Roller Electrode

for seem welding 

small stick
Standard Welding Electrode for HSW-01A (including HSW-01A)


Standard Welding Electrode for HSW-02A (including HSW-02A)

stick stick3

Welding Electrode for heavy users

    chromium copper electrodes available

Delivered to:

National Defense Academy
TDK Corporation
Faculty of Engineering, Kagoshima University
And for many kind of Individual hobby use (in Japan)