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Spping Information 


You are choosing item and click it.
  EG: HSW-02A and HSW-N25164F
Default shipping is SAL. If you want to change for FedEx.
  click!! change FedEx
Again, You are choosing item. and click item.
  If you want to ship Japan click here.





Shippig Status

   Standard shipping are SAL or Small Packets.

   Q : How to know for shipping status?

   A : Look for Sub menu of right side. (Default:SAL)

Why SAL or Small Packets?


Low-cost shiping.

Free Shipping on Orders over$600

International shipping *1


If you order on over nontaxable ceiling, you will be have object of taxation.(custom duty)Payment is troublesome.

We can't add insurance.(You have low insurance(SAL).<about 60$>) learn more . (You have to refer to a post office nearby)

Delivered in approximately 1-3weeks

You can't Track mail via the internet.

You have 5% tax.(Japan tax)

We cannot take care of a trouble at the transportation.

We can't deliver to your P.O.BOX.

   We obey a service agreement of a transportation company.

   Order Limet about 3000$/package (US)


Why FedEx?


We pay custom duty.

You have insurance.(Transport)

You can Track mail via the internet.

Delivered in approximately 1-4days

You have your country tax.

Please contact me if you do not receive packages.(lost package & broken package)


Expensive shiping cost

Only U.S.A,Canada,Australia,United Kingdom are usable.

(If you live in other country and you select FedEx, We use EMS or SAL instead of FedEx.)

We can't deliver to your P.O.BOX.


   We obey a service agreement of a transportation company.

   We recommend FedEx.

   Order Limet about 3000$/pavkage (US)


*1List of countries and regions where delivery is suspended



  Japan We use different order form click here.
  Iraq suspended
  Kuwait suspended
  Cote d'Ivoire suspended
  Somalia suspended
  Chad suspended
  Liberia suspended
  Lebanon suspended
  Serbia and Montenegro suspended
  Pakistan suspended
  North Korea suspended
  China suspended
  Iran suspended