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Principle of Spot Welding

Our welder's Capability

How-To-Use Our welder

Welding Stainless Steel

Thermocouple Welding

Welding with Nickel Plates

Welding with Metals
e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Phospate Bronze

Product Comparison


Spot Welder HSW-01A

Spot Welder HSW-02A

Spot Welder HSW-03

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Personal Spot Welder HSW-03

HSW-03 outward
HSW-03 Persona Spot Welder

HSW-03 has double welding power in comparison with HSW-02A. Variable Voltage and Pulse Width whtch is displayed on blue LCD pannnel.

 "Double pulse mode" and "Seam pulse mode" will expands your welding oparation. From stenless wire under 0.01mm diameter to thick plate, HSW-03 personal spot welder connected to home PS will expands your DIY ability.

Specification of HSW-03

 Power Supply

 AC100-220V, 50/60Hz, 90VA

 Input Voltage

 DC30V Max

 Welding Power
 190 (Ws)
 SPCC t=1.0  Al t=1.0


 260Wx110Hx210D (mm)
  electode cable length 700mm


 4920g (welding unit)
  280g (main poweunit)

 LCD display

 Welding Voltage(V)
  Welding Pulse Width(mS)
  Welding Mode and Status


 Blue LED when possible
 Red LED when welding

 Warning Indicator

 Turn on red LED continuity

You can see Foot SW connector ,DC jack, Finger gurad for FAN on the HSW-03 Rear view

Foot switch cable jack (Upper left)
Main Power jack (Upper midpoint)
Additional Power jack (Upper right)
Cooling Air Outlet (Lower leftr)

HSW-03 Front Pannel

Blue LCD displays welding voltage ,welding pulse width ,welding mode and some status upper left.
From under left ,Power Switch, Mode Switch, .Voltage control knob, Pulse Width control knob.
Blue Ready LED / Red when welding, and red Trigger Switch on upper right.

Iin detail, reffer to this PDF file <<Japanese

"Seem mode" on blue LCD display Welding stainless mesh using roller electrode.

Use "Seam Mode" to weld stenless mesh.

[Function of Mode Switch] After the Power Switch turn on, set up "Nomal Mode", then push Mode Switch once, set up "Double Pulse Mode". And push Mode Switch again, "Seam Mode"is set up.

[Nomal Mode] Welding once by Trigger.

[Double Pulse Mode] Pre Pulse added just befor Main Pulse. "Double Mode" is displayed on LCD display.

[Seam Mode] Triggered on and off continuously."Seam Mode" is displayed on LCD.

Can not Trigger untill the Capacitor Voltage displayed upper left on LCD display reachs setting Voltage displayed upper right on LCD display. So, you can weld your work same condition on welding voltage.

HSW-03 Accessories

"Foot switch" is included in HSW-03.

[Accessories included in HSW-03]

 (1)Main Power Supply Unit (2)Additional Power Supply Unit. (3)Foot Switch (4)HSW-P1N Electrode with bolts and nuts. (5) a cake of Schoth-BriteR