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Principle of Spot Welding

Our welder's Capability

How-To-Use Our welder

Welding Stainless Steel

Thermocouple Welding

Welding with Nickel Plates

Welding with Metals
e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Phospate Bronze

Product Comparison


Spot Welder HSW-01A

Spot Welder HSW-02A

Spot Welder HSW-03

Optional Accessories

Recommended Packages

Nickel Plates

Price and Purchase

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Personal Spot Welder HSW-02A



Type HSW-02A can weld various metals from thin line of copper or platinum to nickel or stainless plate. This machine can be used as a table spot-welder for experiment, development or repair.


Power Supply
(AC Adapter)

AC 100 V, 50/60 Hz, 45 VA

HSW-02 Input Voltage


Main Body's Case Material
ABS resin & aluminum (panel)

Dimensions (Excluding Projections)

Body W155�~D175�~H85 (mm)
Electrode Cable Length 500 mm


1600g (Main Body + Welding Pen)
280g (AC Adapter)

Power On Indicator

Green, Yellow, Red LED

Welding Output Indicator


Malfunction Warning

When the Power ON and the Trigger Switch OFF, the RED LED is turned ON continuously.

Continuous Working Time Allowed

120 mins (room temp below 35��)

HSW-02A Rear Pannel
Foot Switch Connector (left-up)
Power Unit Terminal (left-down)
Cleaning Air Vent (right-up)

Power Indicator (left picture) shows the voltage added to the welding pen. (Green 4V, Yellow 8V, Red more than 13V)

Power Indicator Pulse width control and Red LED

Pulse Width Controller Knob (right picture): can alter welding pulse width between 60 microseconds to 30 milliseconds. Output LED (right-up) shines red light proportional to the length of the electrifying time of the electrode.

Power Unit (attached to the Welder)
Cable connected to main body
The cable connecting the main body and the welding pen is 65 cm long.

Welding pen is attached to the main body.

HSW-PC1 :Power Controller for HSW-02A

Welding voltage can be altered using this Power Controller (Optional).


[ SAFETY ] To prevent welding sparks and spattered hot metal pieces from entering the eyes, please use safety eyewear during welding. Also, to protect the skin from any welding splash, please use safety gloves.