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Principle of Spot Welding

Our welder's Capability

How-To-Use Our welder

Welding Stainless Steel

Thermocouple Welding

Welding with Nickel Plates

Welding with Metals
e.g. Aluminum, Steel, Phospate Bronze

Product Comparison


Spot Welder HSW-01A

Spot Welder HSW-02A

Spot Welder HSW-03

Optional Accessories

Recommended Packages

Nickel Plates

Price and Purchase

User's Voice

F A Q (General)


Q1 Is it possible to check HSW-02A at a STORE?  

It is possible to try and to purchase at HOBBY SHOP YOSSHI 222. << Sorry,Japanese only.

*) We are looking for outlet stores. Please contact HERE.

Q2 Is it possible to get electric shock?  A range of voltage which does not bring harm to the human body is called safety voltage. Depends on the skin, in Germany and England the safety voltage ranges below 24 Volt, while in Holland and Japan it is lower than 50 Volt. In the normal use of HSW Series, the user will not touch the welding electrode which is loaded with voltage, and it is designed so that the maximum power voltage would be 24 Volt. If by any chance the user touches the electrode, we guarantee the safety of the user. However, it is dangerous to control the electrodes with wet hand, so please be careful.
Q3 During welding, to what extent should we take measures to recognize the danger? In a proper welding, as long as the distance to the face is kept around 50 cm, then the sparks produced would not be so dangerous. However, on welding without enough pressure applied to the welding pen, or welding stainless or iron, sparks and small pieces might fly off. Also, the pressure applied and the time used during welding is more than the materials could take, the metal would break down and fly off. Please use safety eyewear to protect the eyes for these situations and from the light rays.
Also, do not use clothing made from nylon or any chemical fibers; instead, we recommend using clothing made from materials that do not burn easily such as cotton, and also using safety gloves. [ VIDEO ]
In addition, some times during welding, together with sparks, microscopic dust called fumes made of vaporized metals is produced. Absorbing too much of the fumes would cause a sickness called metal fume fever. Also, if this continues for a long time, it will result in pneumoconiosis. Please remove any flammables from the work environment and make sure there is enough ventilation.
Q4 About the warranty period��

According to the warranty rule written in the warranty attached, in a limited time after the purchase, we will repair any malfunctions at no cost. At this present time, HSW-02A and HSW-PC1 has a 1-year warranty, while HSW-01A has a 2-month warranty. After the period expires, up to the minimum year limit of providing the product's parts (5 years starting when the product's production stops), we will repair it at designated cost. Afterwards, we will repair at designated cost provided we have the parts needed.

Q5 What about delivery cost during repair? If it is malfunctioning during the first use, please return it within 7 days after the product arrives. Please inform us by mail and please send it back using collect on delivery postage. We will send back the replacement. In case other than initial repair, the customer will have to pay for the delivery cost.
Q6 When is the product delivery date? In case of bank transfer, after the transfer is confirmed, the product will be shipped within three business days. In case of cash on delivery, after the order is confirmed, the product will be shipped within three business days. If it is not possible to ship the product within three business days, we will mail about the delivery date.
Q7 What about the receipt? In case of bank transfer, the bill issued by the bank will be used as the receipt.
In case of cash on delivery, the delivery receipt will be used as the receipt.
Q8 We want written estimate  Please download from HERE, and please send it back by attaching it to an e-mail or by fax.
Q9 About documents and delivery to school and public office We will handle the documents required for the university or school, and we will try to meet the delivery and shipment conditions.

Q10 We want to see welding samples

Please send to the address below a self-addressed envelope stamped with 80 Yen stamp. We will send welding samples.
Postal Code 234-0053
Yokodai.JP Sample Division
2-21-15 Hinochuo, Kounan-ku, Yokohama Kanagawa JAPAN

Q11 We want to see the product catalog

Spot welder catalog and price table can be downloaded from here.
PDF File with six A4-pages. <Sorry,Under construction,now>
The prices might change without prior notice, so please check the latest prices .