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Kagoshima University, National Defense Academy of Japan, Kwansei Gakuin University, Space Science Research Division, Tohoku University, Toshiba Corporate Research and Development Center Co., Panasonic, Nissin Food Product Co., Ltd., Co., and a lot more universities, companies, and individuals are using our products.
USER INTRODUCTION : Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
photo Amezawa
Among all the users above, we received a report from Associate Professor Amezawa Kouji of Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies Research Area, which we will use here as an introduction.
In Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies Research Area, this professor teaches about Urban Environment and Environmental Geography, covering Environmental Dynamics.

Our research lab studies about ion conductivity on ceramics and its application on fuel cell operating on high temperature. HSW-02A is used mainly to make experiment tools such as thermocouple welding and attaching the materials to the fuel cell-material evaluation device.

[ Thermocouple Welding ] For measuring the temperature, we use thermocouple of R-type (Platinum-Platina Rhodium) with diameter 0.1-0.5 mm or of K type (Alumel-Chromel). Even on welding thermocouple with different metals and diameters, by using power controller (HSW-PC1), the voltage can be controlled; thus we are able to achieve stabile welding results.

Amezawa works
[ Attaching Materials to Experiment Devices ] Most of these are welding a Pt wire with 0.1-0.5 mm in diameter, but by using the additional pinset, welding in a limited space or in the midair is easily done. In addition, HSW-02A is really light, making it easy to portable; it is very convenient to have it near experiment devices.
We got good results of welding stainless steel plate with thickness up to 0.5mm. Also, it is possible to get good results on welding wires made from stainless steel or nickel with thickness more than 1 mm, but for copper wires the thickness needs to be under 0.3mm. Welding thick stainless steel more than 1 mm is really difficult, but it is able to be used as temporary fixation.
IJP photo

We receive requests and orders about welding stainless steel mesh, but this time we received a report which we would like to introduce.

In the left sight, is the whole view of a Strainer. There are even the bigger ones, thus the small and light HSW-02A was used.

IJP photo

[ WARNING ] The descriptions below are made by our staffs; it is not written by the user.


There was a hole in the mesh covering the upper part of the stainless steel case. From above a piece made from the same stainless steel mesh was patched.

IJP parts

One of the welding cable was connected to the stick electrode (HSW-EB1) was put on the mesh from above.

On the other side, using welding stick (HSW-P2), the stainless steel mesh used for patch was pushed from above.

The trigger switch was pressed, and welding at one point finished it all.

The welding was repeated to some points around the patch to finish.

IJP parts photo


HSW-02A can alter the welding pulse width, thus it can choose the optimum value depending on the mesh's thickness. Also, if two of the electrodes are touched to the surface of the welding material, it can easily be welded.

[ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ] We are really grateful for the user who took the time to send us pictures from overseas.
Our company is preparing english product manual to be used overseas.

As introduced in New Product Flash column in the newspaper NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN (January 21st, 2008)
Yokodai.JP spot welder
[ COPYRIGHT(S) ] The newspaper clip above is copyrighted by NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, and it used under permission.
Yokodai.JP released "HSW Series" - desk spot welder which can easily be carried around. It managed to lessen the weight by not using transformer. It is able to weld thin metals with diameter under 0.3 mm. It is expected to be used for rresearch and development and for handicrafts purposes which uses wires. The price for "HSW-01A" is 42,800 Yen, "HSW-02A" is 149,500 Yen. It aims to sell 1500 unit per year. (050-3747-4193)
Naomi come back My name is Naomi, the store manager of YOSSHI 222. YOSSHI 222 is an RC shop at Zama-shi Hibarigaoka with homey atmosphere. Everyday people who love RC would come and talk about RC at our store. In our store, we always prepare a ready-to-use Yokodai.JP SW-02A, for the purpose of welding things such as battery tab, thermocouple, net, temporary fixation, receiver�fs battery set, and many more. There are also people who wants to try it before using it at the school�fs lab. Apparently they use a lot of thermocouple to do temperature measurements such as fuel cell�fs temperature, and to check the welding condition, they come to our store. Also, some use it for designing robot, such as making the battery set and working on the body.
When welding a thick plate, sometimes the welding strength is not enough, or it is not able to be welded; however, this can be solved by choosing the electrode and adjusting the electrode�fs plunge pressure. Most of the time it would be enough only with the welding pen from the standard package, optional welding pinset, and stick electrode; however, please inquire our store if there are problems that cannot be solved with these. We will try welding the same spot for few times, or welding the surrounding to solve the problems. Shop Yossy
Shop Yossy By the way, when we have time, we would weld wires with the welder. We would weld from insignificant arts to practical things like pendant and pouch. If only we had more sense of art, we would probably be able to sell it; but currently we are enjoying our trial and error. While reading a magazine�fs article �gCreating a puppet from screws�h, what we made would be useful for its place, so we would like to try to make it in the near future. Spot welding is different from soldering, in which it does not involve shape conversion due to heat nor color change; it can be done really easy. If you want to see the real thing before you decide, please come to our store. We have HSW-02A and power controller ready to use in our store. If you have questions, or if you want to know about our store's location, please contact: YOSSHI 222 Kamagawa-Ken Zama-Shi Hibarigaoka 2-66-9